Cosi Tabellini

Donna con specchio


This liberty mirror is an example of the artisanal working of the Art Nouveau and Liberty period: from the time of Ernesto Basile and Emile Gallé. The female figure holds the mirror gracefully as she looks at a child playing at her feet. The mirror has a square base on which are depicted fruits with daughters on which a young boy plays.


Dimensions (in): W 13,39 x H 23,23
Dimensions (cm): L 34x h 59 
Handmade in Italy, ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks.

The article purchased may be different from the one in the picture because each item is handmade, unique and unrepeatable.


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Cosi Tabellini

Cosi Tabellini

Cosi Tabellini handcrafts a world-renowned range of pewter, crystal and ceramics that has both gravitas and simple beauty that assures quality, longevity and good taste. Influenced by Cosi Tabellini's Italian roots, the range combines historic craftsmanship and integrity in a contemporary form, complementing the most traditional as well as the most modern of homes, hotels, restaurants and bars.
Cosi Tabellini’s artisanal workshop lies in the ancient city of Brescia, Lombardy, mid-way between the beautiful Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, in Northern Italy, an area famous for centuries for pewter craftwork and generations of highly skilled pewterers, dating back to when nearby Venice was the gateway to the East.
Cosi Tabellini is a third generation family-run company, established in 1954, where brother & sister owners, Alberto and Daniela Tabellini, have stayed true to the company's origins in terms of production, still using age-old techniques of hand-casting pewter, yet by evolving design and employing intricate processes, they have combined this versatile metal with other locally produced and highly regarded materials, such as Brescian stainless steel, Italian ceramics and crystal glass, to create contemporary versions of timeless designs. If you would like to read more about our heritage, please click here.
Cosi Tabellini pewter looks and feels quintessentially right, marrying aesthetic beauty with usefulness to become tomorrow's heirlooms for using today.
All Cosi Tabellini pewter is reassuringly lead-free and meets all the European Union and USA requirements for food and drink safety.

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