Geminiano Cozzi 1765

Piatti Florence “Carte da Zogo”


Set of bone china plates with rare 18th century decorations with yellow background and playing cards with red and black seeds. Multicolored diurnal butterflies complete the Venetian iconographic decoration.


Dimensions (in): Ø10,63 x  Ø8,07
Dimensions (cm): Ø27 x  Ø20,5  
Handmade in Italy, ready for shipping in 9-10 weeks.

The article purchased may be different from the one in the picture because each item is handmade, unique and unrepeatable.


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Geminiano Cozzi 1765

Geminiano Cozzi

We have the Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765 is a historic, 18th-century Venetian brand specialized in fine porcelains renowned for their craftsmanship and unparalleled sophistication. Founder Geminiano Cozzi was a visionary who recognized the value of porcelain accented with innovative motifs, thus designing an array of patterns still showcased more than two centuries later. The brand was re-launched by entrepreneur Antonio Tognana and its pieces are sought-after by famous collectors and world-renowned auction houses like Sotheby's, Christie's and Pandolfini.

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