Porcellane Principe



The all-round white milk represents the angel who tries to shoot his arrow of Love but the beautiful girl, discarded, rejects it with forceful conviction.

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Dimensions (in): W22,05 x H 25,59
Dimensions (cm): L56 x H65
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Porcellane Principe

Porcellane PrincipeThe Capo-di-Monte porcelain.
The factory of Capo-di-Monte was founded by Charles III Borbone, king of Naples and the Two Sicilies in 1743 when he married Maria Amalia Walburg of Saxony, grand-daughter of Augustus the Strong, who was the founder of the first porcelain factory in Europe, Meissen. One of the heirs of this tradition is Porcellane Principe, a firm founded in 1975 near Vicenza, which could represent the centuries-old tradition of this school and which gained the admiration of experts and collectors world-wide.

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