Porcellane Principe



He remembers the sculptural group of Canova where the moment of action was taken from the story of Apuleius' Golden Ass. Eros embraces the beautiful girl girdling her to life as if she wanted to take her with him with the help of Zephyr.

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Dimensions (in): W 14,17x H 27,56
Dimensions (cm): L36 x H70
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Porcellane Principe

Porcellane PrincipeThe Capo-di-Monte porcelain.
The factory of Capo-di-Monte was founded by Charles III Borbone, king of Naples and the Two Sicilies in 1743 when he married Maria Amalia Walburg of Saxony, grand-daughter of Augustus the Strong, who was the founder of the first porcelain factory in Europe, Meissen. One of the heirs of this tradition is Porcellane Principe, a firm founded in 1975 near Vicenza, which could represent the centuries-old tradition of this school and which gained the admiration of experts and collectors world-wide.

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