Rezzonico chandelier 24 lights OVAL medium grey with aquamarine, rubin, multicolor flowers decorations.


Dimensions (in): H55,11 x Ø(82,68 x 35,43)
Dimensions (cm): H140 x Ø(210 x 90)
Handmade in Italy, ready for shipping in 18-20 weeks.

The article purchased may be different from the one in the picture because each item is handmade, unique and unrepeatable.

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Established in 1990, Signoretto Lampadari is one of the authentic productive realities on the island of Murano. Thanks to the technical knowledge, to the dexterity in production, and to the creative mastery of Masters Gianni and Loris Signoretto, Signoretto Lampadari is specialized in the production of sumptuous 1700 "Rezzonico" and "Venetian" chandeliers, reproducing today an art which for centuries have adorned the most refined places in the world.

Characteristic of Signoretto Lampadari are carefully cured designs, high quality material, originality and versitality of shape, and refined chromatic choice, all qualities which render these objects the deserving heirs of tradition from the Murano school of glass, and which integrate perfectly in either classical or modern furnishings.

Always attentive to fashion and trends of the moment, Signoretto Lampadari also boast a special line of chandeliers from a linear and modern design which, with their forms, brilliant colors and fascinating details, make an element of high quality furninshing.

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