ACF Arte

Champagne lamp


Lamp in blown crystal and decorated with brush in pure gold kt. 24. Very high quality crystal with a lead content of more than 24%. Base, moldings and finishes in brass and bronze in 24 kt pure gold bathroom.


Dimensions (in): Ø17,72 x H32,28
Dimensions (cm): Ø45 x H82
Weight (kg) 9
Handmade in Italy, ready for shipping in 14-16 weeks

The article purchased may be different from the one in the picture because each item is handmade, unique and unrepeatable.

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ACF Arte

Acf arteThe A.C.F was founded in 1950 in the Sesto Fiorentino area; since its beginnings has been distinguished by the ability to propose innovative items while remaining in the most classic Florentine artisan traditions. The ability to interpret any original technical and stylistics solutions also requested by the client , the knowledge of the various material acquired thoughts year of study and experience , the care of every detail of the object allows the ACF to create unique object of its kind capable of enhancing any interior decoration. We have a mostly classic collection but we also pay attention to the contemporary style. For this the ACF “ Art Objects” are present in the most qualified showrooms around the world. The ACF passionately follow the requests of the most qualified studies of interior design and architecture from around the world, helping them in achievement of their most ambitious projects.

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