Le Porcellane

Column Lamp


The classical column is a statement and expression of elegance and harmony, of strength and history. but it also represents all that is essential: shapes and proportions that are at the service of function. The classical corinthian column provides the body for this series of lighting accessories. Pure white porcelain is decorated with cobalt blue accents and is kiln fired at 1330° for a total of 4 firings. All items also feature 24-karat pure gold details. Handcrafted moiré silk lampshades are available.


Dimensions (in): H. 35,04 X Ø 19,7  (E27 = 1 X 100W)
Dimensions (cm): H. 89 X Ø 50 (E27 = 1 X 100W)
Handmade in Italy, ready for shipping in 6-8 weeks.

The article purchased may be different from the one in the picture because each item is handmade, unique and unrepeatable.

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Le Porcellane

Le porcellaneMario Sernesi, a man of great insights founded brand Manifattura Artistica Le Porcellane in 1948 in Florence, a place already steeped in tradition and passion for the noble material. From the beginning, the company could then enjoy a big privilege to start already with a production of the highest quality, given by the experience of Tuscan artisan culture.
The brand chose the finest porcelain that cooks to “gran foco” according to ancient traditions to 1330 °, and from this arises the depth and purity of white typical of its productions. The abundance in the use of 24-carat gold, or platinum, the sign of the man hand, the nature of matter and memory, make each object unique, precious and unrepeatable.
After three family generations, Giacomo follows the same philosophy inherited from his grandfather. “handmade in Italy”.
Genius loci is reflected in the capable hands of the artisans who have created valuable achievements.The same that today characterize the brand’s Le Porcellane Home and Lighting and make it acknowledged worldwide.

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