Giovanni Bianco

Since the time of the Medici’s, Tuscany has been at the centre of Italian artisan manufacturing of glass, ceramics, silver and porcelain objects in craft workshops that through the centuries have transmitted the passion and flair for all things beautiful and refined. In the midst of historic villas and breathtaking views, art workshops have risen that still today maintain that antique flavour both in the construction of the forms and in the artisan manufacturing process.

Starting with these sources of inspiration, I have had the pleasure of discovering a world made up of small family-run companies that still today work their materials with loving care, where every object is produced as if it were a unique, unrepeatable piece, following production and packaging schedules that are still on a human scale.

My name is Giovanni Bianco, I am from Tuscany and I live in Lucca, where the historic beauties of this wonderful city serve as background to my profession as architect and interior designer, and were I have created Bianco Home Tuscany: my “Art collection of objects of everyday life”. A collection that tells about my work experience, my studies at the Art School in Pisa, my way of seeing and interpreting the world surrounding me, and the Italian artisan companies I have selected.

Bianco Home Tuscany is comprised of an attentive selection of objects for the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room and for the table. Masterful objects, made entirely by hand in Italy.

Every item is an exclusive work of art that embodies the history of the workshop that created it using the artful techniques of the Italian Renaissance Masters of Art. From classic forms up to contemporary ones, caressing contents and shapes typical of early 20th-century modern art.

Bianco Home Tuscany is a laboratory in continuous progress in the quest of arts & crafts workshops that can yield new sensorial perceptions and new life experiences.