Our team is happy to answer all your questions, just write to: concierge@biancohometuscany.it

The items sold on https://www.biancohometuscany.it are custom made, specifically and exclusively for you and are only manufactured after you have filled out the appropriate form.
Please be reminded that that we can't accept returns on products that have a delivery time (EXW) greater than two weeks.
The return procedure is simple: 1) contact the concierge team by email 2) you will receive the instructions with the exact address where to send the goods you wish to return. For return costs, carefully read the General Conditions of Sale.
Once they reach the destination (the artisan companies), your articles will be checked to establish their state of conservation (which must be that of the initial shipment), and to be evaluated to then be able to issue the appropriate reimbursement according to the General Conditions of Sale.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro) and payment methods such as PayPal and bank transfer. Our prices are listed in Euros and include VAT.

We are able to deliver the items you have purchased in the easiest and most congenial way: ready at the factory with the Formula Ex Works (EXW) or at the address communicated by you with the Formula Delivered At Place (DAP).
We ship worldwide through international transport companies: by land, by sea and by air. Orders are delivered or shipped directly by the Italian artisan company. Each product is carefully packed by expert hands and delivered to the specialized courier.
By purchasing the Delivered At Place Formula (DAP), delivery times and prices will be stored on your personal account at https://www.biancohometuscany.it
For EU and non-EU shipments, the INCOTERMĀ® 2010 DAP (Delivered At Place) Rules apply.
In particular for non-EU areas, please note that the shipping price does not include any ancillary charges such as customs fees, costs for storage in Customs and anything else reported in the Rules listed above.

All the articles displayed in https://www.biancohometuscany.it are unique and unrepeatable products. That is why each article is different from the next, even though it has been made by the same person and by the same hands.
Delivery times are in weeks because it takes many days to make every single item. When ordering, we inform the artisan company that it will begin to build the process of creating another work of art. The process is slow and meticulous, and nothing is left to chance. In the times shown on https://www.biancohometuscany.it, the craftsman will be ready to deliver his creation made especially for you.
Once the order is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order. In the Account section of the site, you will always find a summary of the order history.

All Projects and travel experiences in Italy are requested by filling in the appropriate form https://www.biancohometuscany.it in the Travel Design section.
At the time of the request, we communicate to the Hobby Vacanze S.r.l. Lucca your intention to plan a unique and unrepeatable sensory journey.
From this moment you will plan together Hobby Vacanze the ideal path and the experiences you want to live in Italy.
Once the project is completed you will be followed by Hobby Vacanze during your entire sensory journey in Italy.