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Luxury glassware manufacturer Egizia was born in post-war Italy in 1949, creating elegant decorative objects, using a traditional silk screen printing technique. At a time when everyone was focusing on the reconstructive industries, such as building and machinery, Egizia made history by venturing into decorative aesthetics.
Design, Technology, Craftsmanship these are the hallmarks of a company that since 1949 creates from shapes in glass unique and inimitable items combining the ancient art of screen printing with the most advanced technology: EGIZIA is a globally-recognized brand and a world leader in the field of decorative tableware and Silk screen printing glass decor. In Egizia each item has its own history: It was first con-ceived and designed, then decorated and monitored in each single phase of its production process.
Over the years, several meetings with some of the most famous designers of the world (Sottsass, Karim Rashid, Paola Navone) have created collections with unique characteristics. That helped to raise Egizia awareness beyond national and continental borders. .