Alfredo Beretta

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In 1947 in Milan, at the start of the Italian industrial reconstruction, a leather craftsman, Natale Beretta, founded the family-run company "Artisan Leather Processing". The suitcase of the Beretta company to which the "La Rinascente Compasso d'Oro 1956 Award" is attributed is an excellent example of the elaboration of a traditional shape in a material that underlines its loose and familiar aspect: concreteness, seriousness and self-sacrifice these are the strengths that allow an Italian company, which prides itself on craftsmanship, to display bags and suitcases in the most prestigious sales points in the world. The Compasso d’Oro wants to emphasize with the award for this product, the quality of perfect execution that the entire production of the Beretta company has already reported for other years.

There is no Beretta like the other. The value of a BERETTA suitcase is given by the encounter of two aspects: the patient time dedicated to each item, the care and skill acquired by the research and repetition that testify to the craftsman's dedication to the work.