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SpernanzoniVittorio Spernanzoni was born in 1936 in Morrovalle, in the heart of the Marche province. At a very young age, in the post-war years, he started working as an apprentice at a shoe factory in his country. In 1965 his entrepreneurial adventure began with the first production of footwear entirely made in his laboratory. One of the key characteristics of a rigorously handmade product of absolute value is that of being made with selected leathers, absolutely neutral in color (Crust) or with leathers that have such characteristics that at any moment, even after years, they can be completely discolored until they are brought to their original state, and then recolored. It is in fact over time and through time that each shoe becomes a small work of art, the result of the skill and dedication of a person who has dedicated many years of his life to learning this ancient craft.