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AscortiRoberto Ascorti, son of Giuseppe Ascorti, well known as “Peppino”, knows the pipe since he was 10 years old in 1968, when his father started his journey as artisanal pipe maker. He studied at the Art Institute, always cultivating his passion for the pipe and supporting more closely his father. In 1980, when he was 22, Roberto wants to devote himself to the creation of pipe, but there is no place for him in his father's factory; he started his journey with his name Ascorti, supported and assisted by his father, his brother Pierangelo and by the then girlfriend Silvana. All briars are personally selected from Roberto, who controls quality, dimensions, weight and the first seasoning, very important, which takes place in the quarrying and cutting area. After the first scrupulous control, the briar is “cuddled” for about two years, until reaching the seasoning considered suitable for working. Each piece is designed by Roberto and initially worked with small machines that have been personally handcrafted by his dad Peppino with the help of the sons in the 70's and that have been realized ad hoc to allow different processes as required by the artisan tradition.