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For over forty years the “Chinelli” brand has embodied the style and quality of “made in Italy” throughout the world in the field of Home decor. “Chinelli” is located in the Lumezzane valley in the province of Brescia, famous since ancient times for the ironworking expertise of its inhabitants. Throughout the years "Chinelli" has learned how best to combine craftsmanship.
The “Chinelli” collections are the result of years of experience in metalwork.
Having reached its second generation, the “Chinelli” family has learned how to best organize its internal resources, optimizing roles and individual management and operational abilities, throughout the whole manufacturing process.
An expert hand knows how to enhance the idea and make it real, an unmatched manual skill to obtain unique, truly collectible results.
The right package for every product. At “Chinelli”, packaging involves a constant research into forms and materials, in order to protect and embellish individual objects and articulate compositions. Cloth and satin fabrics, imitation leather, wood or simply cardboard, it is with these materials that bags, satchels and boxes are packaged to enhance the treasured contents and enchant those who receive them.