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We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most important firms producing table clocks. Our brand “IMPERIAL®” is known and esteemed all over the world. Our firm was born in 1966, since then it has been taking care of faithful reproduction of ancient models as well as of their precise reconstruction which has achieved with the help of old drawings. 

By means of a long and through research in both public and private collections and by constituting its own very large collection of ancient clocks, “FARBEL” has been able to reproduce the magnificence, fantasy, refinements and majesty of the different styles which have affected French, English, Italian and Flemish clocks. The articles are mould in brass, the clock movements are made in Germany, guaranteed one year. The dials, under a cut glass, are enamelled.

Each construction phase is submitted to a very attentive control to guarantee the exact correspondence between the product and the original sample.

All this is made possible because “FARBEL” carries its whole production within both its foundry and factory.

Thanks to the continuous pursuance of perfection as well as to the patrimony of culture and experience achieved in these years expressed in a production of over two hundred models including clocks, candelabras and statues; FARBEL gained the confidence of its world-wide range of customers, who keep on showing their preference and esteem.