Linea Argenti

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Ranked as best actor in the art of luxury for its exquisite quality and design silver creations for connoisseurs only, Linea Argenti was born in 1992 for the wish of its founder Mr. Zafferani who’s shaped carefully both the philosophy and the attitude of the Group teaching his people how think great and never forget one’s roots.

Linea Argenti didn't miss one's Italian and "Regional" identity actually, but rather guarded such values that made it a leader and kept it standing out across the international and global markets These values are innovation, special care for details, being established in leadership and attention to tradition.

Ever since it was established, Linea Argenti was a local Firm that had become popular across ltaly then turned to an international player with an ltalian spirit thanks so to its rooted relationship with the territory and an intelligent growth strategy

From the very beginning its Chairman, Mr. Zafferani, had been committed to enforce the core of the team, from design up to the marketing to pursue the new ascendant markets and bind Linea Argenti only to the prime market makers, satisfying their demands and follow-up important joint-works like with D-Mart Exclusif, Dolphin International (India) and the Royal Family of Kuwait

Under his guide, the Company has been witness of various successes and achievements that brought its name through many countries from Asia to the States, the Russian Federation, Ex-Soviet Union Countries, India, Middle East and lately in PRC as well.

Again, the New generation has ever been a very sensitive question at Linea Argenti. The social, cultural and artistic development in truth was secondary to the economic growth of the Company so that every year the cooperation with few of Institutes of Art and the Universities of Italy is being carried out to hand down the culture of silver and award finally the most deserving work in the Academy for ability, craftsmanship and personality.